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The Power OF Solfeggio & Crystals

Good Morning Yoga Healers, today I had a coworker come to me, because she was having some kind of twitching on her eyes. She was all frantic and catastrophizing what it could be. She mentioned that she was at work really late last night and it started when she was on her way home. When she got home it seemed to spread to her arm and such. She is a doctor and she knew it wasn’t a stroke. Her husband didn’t seem to concerned about it. But, when she came to me I immediately could sense her anxiety and fear.

I’m like hold on. Stop freaking out and think you have “Myasthenia gravis” or something else. So, what I did was sit her down and told her I was going to play some “special tunes” I had and that I use on a constant basis if I feel I need to recenter or tune myself up. If you know anything about energy frequency you know that solfeggio is just a fancy term given for different energy frequencies. Google it if you are curious. They are amazing. It is basically all the sounds in the universe. Anyway, so back to the story. =) I had her close her eyes, take deep breath, and I started playing “mul mantra,” “om chanting,” and one with all the “solfeggio frequencies.” Unfortunately we could do this for to long, because she had to go do a group. But, she immediately felt some relief. Then after lunch I talked with her some more and I really think she was just dehydrated and overworked. She definitely agreed. I also decided to give her this new balancing crystal bracelet I just bought. She was so grateful. She started crying. I reassured her that she is totally fine and that it’s just stress. I told her just keep listening and relax some. Self-care is so important. We don’t do it enough. We think we have to be everything to everybody and we can’t. And if you need some help. download some solfeggio frequencies on youtube. And if you are in San Diego to to Old Town to Gum Saan in Old Town. They have amazing crystals, stones. And no I don’t get anything for stating their name. I just love that place.

Sound healing and crystals definitely help in your healing. Here is one of my favorites that I listen to all the time. or

a person using a tibetan singing bowl while sitting on the floor

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