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Fear & Pain


The initial onset of pain can be debilitating. Especially if it is something you have never felt before. If it is something chronic like my scoliosis or labrum tear, you may feel that nothing is going to make you better unless you take pain meds or do some kind of surgery that will “relieve” your pain. As I have been on this pain journey for many years, going on 6 plus years, I realize that pain is just FEAR and that FEAR manifests in our bodies with pain. That pain didn’t just show up with a labrum tear, scoliosis. It is an accumulation of years of not listening to our bodies. I never really, really, listened to my body until the past several years when my body finally said “fine lets just give you a labrum tear and stop you in your tracks.”

Finally when this happened it took 6 months, before I was able to slowly tam that fear/pain and really learn where and why it happened. I am still learning and working through my pain, but everyday I am finding something new that will help me release that fear, become stronger, and allow that “pain” to fade away. It takes alot of work on your part to really dig deep and find your answers. They are there, you just have to ask the universe to help you find the answers. Once you decide not to settle to be in pain, the universe sends you exactly what you need to start that healing process. It is surreal.

Don’t be afraid of your pain, figure out why you have it. When I say “pain,” it can be emotional, physical, or spiritual. It is different for all of us. Currently I am still in the process of healing my physical pain, but through the years I am come a long way. That has been through yoga, meditation, strength training, mobility work, journaling, acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutrition. You must incorporate the entire picture. Look at yourself and search within yourself what you need.

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