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My Thoughts On Yoga

If you actually read my intro post, I know its pretty long, but if you read it, you will know that I teach yoga at my work place. Well, since I wanted to spread the love, I reached out to a contract company that used to come to our unit, before Covid. The teacher who used to come do class, is unable to come now. So, they sent someone else in her place. I have no idea what she just taught, but it was more of “ok, lets do this, oh alright stand back up, go to the wall.” I was actually so frustrated, because I felt anxious instead of at easy like when I do my yoga and teach it. She said it was Ivengar yoga? I know of it, but I highly doubt it doesn’t have a flow to it. I want to keep an open mind, she comes Thursday, so we shall see if she does a little better. Haha. I thought all yoga flows? =)

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