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What a difference

Good Morning Yoga Healers! I’ve been trying to post since Monday, but have been busy. Last Saturday my Fiancee and I went to Palms Springs with some friends of ours. Has anyone every been up the Tram? Well, let me tell you it was the first time back there in years. I had a few epiphanies while there. First its at 8516 feet, so its pretty high. I had no idea how I was going to feel and whether to walk all the way down, because that is the easy part, and how it would be coming back up. Everyone was hesitant. Finally I just told everyone lets go. If you are out of shape you are going to feel it. The last time I was there, we went down the walkway, which honestly is not that far down into the hiking area, but last time it took me forever to walk back up. This time it’s been probably 7 years maybe less. I honestly can’t remember. All I remember is I thought I was going to die and what was I thinking.

Well, this time I almost ran up the dam walkway on the way back up. One of my friends said, I will race you. I’m like sure. Let’s go. Well, I crushed him, my fiancee and his husband. =) And my hip, back, was great. I had a little pain, but I just went with it. On a scale of 1-10, probably about a 2.

On the way down the walkway there are some benches for people who need to rest. When I was going down I had seen 2 females sitting on one of the benches, who I assumed were trying to make their way back up. I overheard their conversation saying something about she was 49. As I walked past them I said “come on there is no stopping, you can do it.” They replied that one of the ladies had just had a hip replacement. To that I said “well no excuses we are the same age and I have a tear in my hip.” They seemed like they didn’t know what to say. They just giggled.

I was just being funny, but it just made me realize if you put the work in on healing yourself the sky is the limit. I was amazed at myself for honestly not having any issues with the altitude or my hip/back. I am proud of all the work I have done to improve my health and wellbeing. I am definitely reaping the benefits of being more athletic. That was my first of 3 epiphanies. The 2nd one I had solidifies my desire to spread yoga throughout the universe to the best of my ability. I enjoy talking to people who have lost hope with their injuries and feel that they have to stay on drugs forever, because of the pain or eventually have surgery. I will continue to encourage you to heal your body through incorporating a daily practice of yoga into you life and show you that surgery/drugs should always be the last resort. I know yoga can heal the body. I am living proof. Of course it’s not just yoga, but with yoga you eventually make other changes in your behavior that help you improve your circumstances. Food plays a big part on healing your body too.

Which leads me to my 3rd epiphany. The 3rd one is really always been a struggle for me and that is really learning how to eat for my body. I have always loved to work and be healthy. But, I seem to always sabotage my progress. That day after the hike, I ended up over doing it with cocktails and food. Which, also made me realize “what the f, Trish you have come so far, why did you just do that?’ Sure I had a good time, but I literally just got back on track with my nutrition/exercise routines other than just doing yoga. I went back to the gym, since it’s now open. I just can’t believe how much water retention I put on myself in just 1 day of “having a good time.” Now yes I am human, but I have always for some reason sabotaged my progress and I actually just figured out why. Growing up my parents used to call me fat. Yes, I know. But, looking back at my photos as a kid, no I wasn’t. I was always tall and broad shoulders. Not till about my senior year did I really start to be heavier than what I should. The heaviest I got was 225 in my late teens. I won’t go into the entire story. My point is I finally figured out why I sabotage myself and I refuse to do it anymore. My goal is to not only to spread yoga to others, improve my own practice to great levels of strength, mobility, and flexibility, but to finally learn what my body needs to really fuel progress in achieving my ultimate physique. So, yesterday I signed up with a nutrition coach who is going to help me achieve those goals. Stay tuned for updates. Today I have to send her pictures of what I currently look like. Of course it’s not horrible, but like anyone we all have body image issues. I know it’s not about the weight, but I want to feel as good on the inside and outside. If you are ready of a challenge and want to join me on my journey let me know. Just send me a quick email and we can support eachother. Namaste Yoga Healers. We got this. =)

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