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Why Does Everyone Want a Quick Fix?

woman holding half full glass and white medicine pill

Today I was talking to a coworker about work related issues and he was rushing, because he had an appointment to go. He was like “I have to go!” I asked him why. “I have to go upstairs and go get a shot.” (we work in a hospital) I was like for what? He said “for my back.” I have talked to him about his back for months now and I told him to do yoga. I even told him about Shane from, who has been a lifesaver when it comes to trying to heal your back. But, instead he has chosen to take the easy way out.

It really amazes me that most people just want a quick fix that doesn’t last. All these pills just mask what you need to work on. Our bodies scream at us when we have issues, but we don’t stop to freaking listen to it. It is so frustrating when you know what can help someone, but unfortunately everyone has their own journey. We can’t push anyone to recognize what they don’t see. He even talked about surgery. Faceplant here. I said no. But, again his journey not mine, if that is what he decided to end up doing. I will forever say, yoga, eat healthy, weight lift, just stop for a minute to listen to yourself. We create our own reality. Namaste Yoga Healers.

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