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The Other-side

Has anyone ever experienced the “high” in yoga before or even during meditation? It is so hard to explain to someone what it feels like, unless you experience it yourself. Everyday when I teach yoga and I try to gather patients for group, the excuses they give me are endless. “I can’t stretch like that, oh I can’t focus, I can’t touch my toes, I have tried it and I didn’t like it, my back hurts, I have a headache,” You name it these patients give it to me. I then tell them, just tell me you don’t want to go, instead of giving me an excuse as to why and I also say those are all reasons why you should do yoga. They just give me a dirty look haha. I wish I could touch everyone with yoga and meditation. And yoga is a form of meditation. It becomes a meditation through the movements, especially if you get into a really good flow and forget where you are.

Every now and then if they do take my class a few of them will experience a little connection that they didn’t even know or think was possible. To that I say, there plenty more of that and if you just try a little everyday the possibilities of you reaching that state of bliss is endless. They can’t believe it.

Some of you may know what I am talking about others may think I’m talking crazy. I used to be that person thinking yoga was dumb and stupid. But, what I did know if you read my big long post about my journey is that I know it works to heal the body, I had no idea how profound it would be on changing my mind. Back then I did it more for exercise and to heal. Not knowing what it would do to me mentally and spiritually. It is like a aha moment. Anyone who knows me knows I can talk about yoga for hours. It is something that soothes me, calms me, energizes me, and helps me answer any questions that I have about issues that are going on in my life that I need answers too. I’m sure you all heard the term “all the answers you seek are within you.” Let me tell you that is absolutely true. Most people are taught to look outside of themselves for answers. Sure there are things on the outside that maybe used as tools to get you to where you need to be, but your ultimate answer is always going to come from within. When you figure that out, your life will change I promise. Don’t get me wrong it might take you years to figure out some answers, but they will come eventually. You just need to dig deep, peel those layers that you created over the years that block you from being the best version of yourself and unlocking who you really are and your true potential as a human being. Once you start experiencing these moments you will always want to be on that other side. It is truly amazing feeling. Happy practicing. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Namaste

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